Arts and Crafts


Levels: 6

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Arts and Craft is a six-level course for primary school children, teaching basic Arts and Crafts through the medium of English. The course provides an introduction to the art world and encourages students to express their own creativity. Each book is divided into two blocks with the first block focusing on drawing and art techniques and the second on three-dimensional craft.

Key Features:

  • Paint the Music
  • Art dictation
  • Dramatisation section
  • Three kinds of worksheet: drawing and art techniques, observations of famous pieces of art, and craft.
  • The Arts and Crafts Teacher’s Book provides term objectives, detailed lesson plans and links to extra resource materials. The i-Book offers a digital version of the complete course and can be used either for lesson preparation or in class on any IWB.

For Students

  • Student’s Book

For Teachers

  • Teacher’s Book
  • Class Audio CD
  • iBook


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