Prime Mathematics

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PRIME Mathematics is a forward-thinking and innovative mathematics program based on the effective teaching and learning practices of Singapore, Republic of Korean, and Hong Kong – consistent top performers in international studies. It is recognized as the world’s best practice which uses technology to deliver innovative content.

The content in PRIME Mathematics covers the five strands of mathematics across six grade levels: numbers and operation, measurement, geometry, data analysis, and algebra. Each strand is color coded for easy reference.

  • Develop mathematical thinking and metacognition that controls one’s thinking processes
  • Use different strategies and solve problems effectively and confidently
  • The Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract Approach develops deep conceptual understanding
  • Learn to monitor, direct and communicate their thought processes and mathematical thinking
  • Learn to inquire, communicate, reason, conceptualize, formulate and solve problems
  • Consistent formative assessments to identify needs of learners

For Students:

  • Coursebook
  • Workbook

For Teachers:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Practice Tests


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