Readers for I-learn Smart Start

CEFR: Pre A1 – Pre A2

Age: 6 – 11


Readers for i-Learn Smart Start are great for the improvement of children’s reading ability in English. The stories are diverse and specially selected for the series i-Learn Smart Start to support students in consolidating, complementing, and validating what they have learned throughout this textbook series.

Key features:

  • Intriguing topics
  • Vivid illustrations
  • Varied vocabularies and structures
  • Authentic language
  • Recordings by native speakers
  • Educational values
  • Personalization in communication

Learner’s benefits

  • Immersing in authentic English
  • Improving language retention
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Boosting imagination
  • Sharpening reading skills
  • Constructing critical thinking and analytical thinking

Besides, the print books include a code for E-Reader app for smartphone at Google Play and Apple Store.



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